Social Analytics using A.I.

  • Evaluate brand reputation
  • Discover actionable insights
  • Track real consumer conversations
  • High accuracy in ANY language

Brand Presence report:

to determine if there is enough chatter about your brand and the competition to invest in social analytics

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Campaign Evaluation report:

to evaluate digital or multichannel campaigns based on what people say on social media

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Social Benchmark report:

to identify and evaluate your brand's social media presence in comparison to other brands

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No more sifting through garbage - we only report the posts that are really about you! listening247 was developed by DigitalMR to analyse millions of online posts with high accuracy, and produce insights that can be integrated with sales and survey data.

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A Brand Presence report includes

Number of Posts per Month

Up to 5 Brands

Share of Source Type ?

Time period: Past 12 months

Delivery: 6 business days

A Campaign Evaluation report includes

Number of Posts per week

Number of Shared Posts for the Campaign/Brand

Share of Source Type ?

Identification of Key Topics

Brand Sentiment

Net Sentiment Score™ ?

Time Period: 3 Months forward from
the Campaign launch

Delivery: Conclusion of the Campaign

A Social Benchmark report includes

Everything in "Brand Presence"

Identification of Key Topics

Brand Sentiment

Net Sentiment Score™ ?

Time Period: Past 12 months

Delivery: 8 Business Days

Brand Presence Report

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